PROGRESPECT is a diversity of perspectives with progressive though and approach. It aims to align democratic convergence with government alignment for diverge civil society. It founded two decades back with principles, vision and action with like minded people. The PROGRESPECT is an independent, civil society organization with a motto of not for profit.  It targets to foster the convergence process among democratic leadership, development governance and civil society. And it committed to enrich the systematic governance in view twenty first century development challenges including to implement ethos and principles of democracy.

Democratic Leadership:

In modern era democracy with good leadership is essential. Mere democratic system and processes alone are not enough. Without good leadership, there is no to enjoy the real fruits of democracy. We think the rule of law, equality and equity is accession along with citizens’ participation are key elements. The PROGRESPECT believes in interlinking democracy and leadership through interrelated and interdependent areas. Building new democratic leadership from grass roots and strengthen existing leadership capacities through synchronising their experience and expertise.


Development Governance:

Under the various political systems different development governance processes are existence in the modern world.  We facilitate the process to harmonize development governance system under the mentoring of democratic leadership to implement current era developmental challenges.


Green Civil Society:

The ‘Green’ represents the nature and ecology. Creating a vibrant civil society where sustainable challenges are high priority. It is pivot to facilitate democratic leadership and development governance to push sustainable development agenda. Green Civil Society approach balances the public policies formulated by democratic leadership and policy implementation methodologies which influence sustainable development respectively. The green civil society acts as a facilitator, moderator and regulator to manage issues related to interlinked, interrelated and interdependent. Finally to create a political eco system with excellent democratic leadership supported by a practical development governance approaches.


We Don’t Want Democratic Lords

We want Democratic Leaders