• Application of digital divide and using important social web media to increase outreach and dissemination of knowledge resources through Digital Global Exchange and Web groups;
  • Joining in inter governmental and INGOs knowledge platforms;
  • Panama based events and programs in real and virtual.
  • Existing regulations and laws will be applied and followed as a non profit organization.


Our activities and interventions are fully mostly compatible with the various approaches of global development priorities. As we design our approach in such a way to build an international center of excellence to make it is key hub for knowledge dissemination both for application and development on an inclusive basis. It also facilitates country’s competitive advantage in international development with great competence.

 Focus Areas

Human Development: Sustainable international development is one of key challenges in the world. PROGRESPECT will provide solutions with multi pronged approaches addressing various barriers. We have a hybrid methodology to work with Government and Inter-government agencies. Both these are key partners in international development. We develop an international hub for learning, capacity development, research and knowledge resources using digital technologies. Apart from this we develop an international development contracting agency to involve in major projects supported by these two.


We strongly believe in innovation, information and technology in international/human development approaches. We will address these three essential requirements. They are:

  1. As our proposed methodology has emphasized a hybrid mechanism to work with two key stakeholders (such as government and inter-government counterparts) we create a synergy from those two’s experience and contribution. This will be a new kind of experience in integrated development approach in digital era.
  2. Our work is in an alignment with the UN SDGs and other INGOs focal areas so there is no scope to deviate from the global development approach.
  3. We strongly committed to build and dynamic knowledge society through globally digital based knowledge sharing and exchange for government and intergovernmental stakeholders.

International Quality

  1. International equity and equality with quality we will promote through encouraging individuals and organizations across the world. At the same time we will keep in mind Government of Panama’s sensitivities, obligations, mandates and expectations when engaging with other partners;
  2. We balance through gender and geography and standard development indicators wise;
  3. We provide equal space for both policy makers and implementer at the same time we give opportunity to foreign individuals and entities in our work;
  4. We especially concentrate to accommodate marginalized and disadvantage communities with special emphasis will be given to women.

Relationships and Collaborations

We have already established and significant linkages with international organizations and intergovernmental agencies. We are in the process of taking such linkages in a strategic direction. Our affiliation and partnership is a value addition to engage with them further. Approximately with 60 organizations we have developed a strong network and readying for further collaboration.

 Financial Operations

  1. Developing corpus fund
  2. Proposing joint projects
  3. Taking up international consultancy and research
  4. Conducting programs and events including capacity development programs
  5. Governments partnerships

Commitment to Environmental Laws and Norms

We have already conformity with UN Global Compact for last 3 years. Furthermore we strictly adhere to the given below conditions.

  • We discourage partners, stakeholders and entities who are insensitive to environment and sustainability
  • We promote green field work environment
  • We will develop an organizational policy with sensitivity on environment and sustainability
  • We committed to respect all laws of the land.

Programs and Actions

  • Involved in promoting democratic leadership through development governance strengthening.


  • Participated in activities and meetings/knowledge forums of various international organizations including governments and intergovernmental agencies.
  • Associated with multi stakeholders to address global development issues.
  • Conducted capacity development on governance and civil society building.
  • Created a network with international and intergovernmental agencies to address development issues.

Proposed Agenda of Strategies, Programs and P

  1. Sustainable development agenda: Partnered with UN agencies and other intergovernmental agencies.
  2. Participated in global knowledge sharing and networking.
  3. Worked on inclusive development programs with various governments.
  4. Conducted digital divide campaign to promote transparent and easy accession of public and private services.
  5. Worked on disaster risk and media accountability in developing public policies.

Key Stakeholders

  1. Marco level beneficiaries such as governments, intergovernmental agencies and INGOs.
  2. Micro level people will benefit society at large.
  3. Most significant change can be seen among communities.

Working Alignment

  1. Governance agencies as partners.
  2. Support to Civil Society Agencies through mentoring and guidance.
  3. Intellectual ideology in shaping public policies through promotion of democratic governance, peace and prosperity.
  4. Inclusive development approaches.
  5. Accountable and transparent practices in agencies.