Partnerships, Affiliations and Network

PROGRESPECT has international partnerships with different agencies and organs of United Nations, World Bank and US Government. We have professional alignment with different agencies, institutions, organizations, think-tanks and action groups. PROGRESPECT is a diversity of perspectives with progressive thought and approach and committed to Sustainable Development. It aims to align democratic convergence with government alignment for diverge civil society. It founded two decades ago with principles, vision and action with like-minded people. Moreover, it is an independent, civil society organization with a motto of not for profit. It targets to foster the convergence process among democratic leadership, development governance and civil society. And it committed to enrich the systematic governance in view twenty first century development challenges including to implement ethos and principles of democracy.


In alignment with the concept of creation of knowledge society in the era of digital divide the PROGRESPECT committed to promote Excellency in knowledge dissemination, enabling global society as action knowledge society. In addition, we provide our sincere contribution to make global competence in development sector with international benchmark.


Strategic Action Plan

PROGRESPECT is planning to expand its work in various locations across the globe and democracy and civil society themes are our core of activities. We are planning to start international centres in different countries These centres create a foundation for knowledge creating hubs and we operate these centres with some values and ethics and fully on professional basis. We think knowledge societies are crucial in digital era and we encourage non profit and not for profit development organizations promotes policy and action think tank for the benefit of the society at optimum level.


We highly impressed and motivated with the different global strategies and action plans promoted by various intergovernmental and governmental agencies.

Our proposed work is perfectly matching with focal areas, especially; Human Development focal area is aligned with our work. We found such global strategies are strategically established with clear mandate with a framework. We strongly decided to associate with the City of Knowledge Foundation.



To become a global leader with the world class partnerships in international development with a great commitment and dedication with strong thematic and technical knowledge to guide and mentor the governments, inter-government agencies, INGOs and Business Communities across the globe;


To establish an international resource centre for development to closely work with various governments, international and inter governmental organizations on human development related interventions;


To emerge as a global mentor in human development sector with a non profit motto;


To closely work with multi stakeholders such as government, civil society, media, academia, business, research and consulting organizations to create a synergy;


To promote Democratic Leadership, Development Governance and Green Civil Society;


To build a vibrant global level network through existing entities in international/human development through conducting events, seminars, conferences, consultations and workshops;


Institutional Capacity

PROGRESPECT is an international think tank for policy and action to promote human and international development. We support governments, intergovernmental agencies, INGOs and business entities in sustainable development to create a synergy in the lines of UN among people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership.


Global Mission

Influence various global actors through intellectual mentorship and professional support on sustainable development to our partners and stakeholders.


Target of Knowledge Society

Building an international policy and action think tank to support the world;

Enhance capacities of Panama in the field of international development through promotion of peaceful and inclusive mechanism.


Key Interventions

  1. Establishing an international center for human development;
  2. Building international network with global focus;
  3. Initiating a policy and action think tank;
  4. Developing an international learning and research center on human development.


Targeted Sectors and Segments


Government: Strengthening governance systems through innovative methods on public policy methods, research and capacity building;


Intergovernmental Agencies: Building a partnership and network;


INGOs: Supporting in sustainable approaches with optimal utilization of skills and competence;


Business: Encouraging and creating appropriate platforms to create a space for Corporate Social Responsibility;


Media: Digital media and data journalism promotion;


Academia: Partnering on contemporary research and intellectual input on contemporary human development interventions to improve significant impact.


Institutional Focus

International Development Consulting & Research

International Contracting of Intergovernmental Agencies

Global level Capacity Development Centre on Human development